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Happy Birthday *** 

Breakfast Menu


Sausage & Cheese Biscuit

Lunch Menu


A - Cheesy Scrambled Eggs w/French Toast Sticks

B - BBQ Chikcne Sandwich 

Tater Tots


Congratulations to the 2018 Miss Gettysburg ~ Makenna Miller and the 2018 Gettysburg High School Snow Queen ~ Avery Dutt!  All participants looked sharp and did a fantastic job. Winner of the 2018 Talent Division was earned by Kinsey Schuchhardt!  

National American Education Week is November 12th~17th.  To help celebrate this awesome week, we invite all staff & students to dress according to the daily educational theme! 

Monday 12th ~ The more you read, the more you know!  Dress like your favorite book character! 

Morning with Mom - Treat your mom to a donut breakfast at the school from 7:30-8:10.  A mother or family member must be present to receive a donut! 

Tuesday 13th ~ Take pride in your education!  Dress like the professional you dream to be! 

Wednesday 14th ~ Education COLORS our life!  Students dress up as the assigned colors!

Preschool~Yellow     K~Green      1st ~Blue     2nd~Purple     3rd~Pink     4th~Red

5th~Black     Middle School 6-8~White     High School 9-12~Neon

Thursday 15th ~ An education will help you follow your dreams!  Wear pajamas to school. 

Friday 16th ~ GHS provides the team to help you reach your goals!  Wear your favorite sports/college team jerseys!

Donuts with Dad - Treat your Dad to breakfast at the school from 7:30-8:10. 

 Morning & Afternoon ICU is in Mrs. Heien's Room the this week.

Elementary Homework Detention is in Mrs. J. Cronin's Room this week.

Christmas Concerts:

Middle School & High School ~ Thursday, December 6th @ 7:00pm

Elementary ~ Friday, December 7th @ 7:00pm 

Concession Schedule: 

Ticket Takers:

Leave Times:   

Make-Up Slips Due By 4pm:

Chase, Jhett, Nicolas, Megan, Vivian

Announcements from the Counseling Office:

The following sophomores need to meet with Mrs. Goebel today to review your PRE-ACT results. @1:15 Kayden Ahlemeier, Rylee Zweber, Dylan Drew @3:10-Leah Mogard

JRS/SRS:  A representative from South Dakota State University will be here this Thursday 7th hour.  Please let Mrs. Goebel know if you are interested.

JUNIORS:  All juniors will be taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery - ASVAB on Wednesday, 

November 14th periods 1-4 in the elementary computer lab.  You are encouraged to do practice questions at !  Check your email for further details. 


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