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Happy Birthday ***

Breakfast Menu


Cinnamon Roll

Lunch Menu


A - Doritos Walking Taco

B - Breaded Fish Sandwich



Mr. Smith is looking for MS or HS students to run the clock this weekend on Saturday.  If you're interested, she him for details. 

JHVB Tournament - 9/22 - Gettysburg High School Gym 

9:30 CT then continuous matches as described below:

East Court - 7th Grade

St. County vs. Sully Buttes

PC vs. Chey-Eagle Butte

Chey-Eagle Butte vs. St. County

PC vs. Sully Buttes

Sully Buttes vs. Chey-Eagle Butter

PC vs. St. County

West Court - 8th Grade

PC vs. Chey-Eagle Butter

St. County vs. Sully Buttes

PC vs. Sully Buttes

Cey-Eagle Butte vs. St. County 

PC vs. St. County 

Sully Buttes vs. Chey-Eagle Butte

Sully Buttes MS & JV FB Jamboree - 9/22 - Onida

West End Game Field

10:00 JV Sully Buttes vs. Mob/Pollock

10:40 JH Sully Buttes vs. High/Harrold

11:20 JV Sully Buttes vs. Philip

12:00 JH Sully Buttes vs. Philip

12:40 JV Sully Buttes  vs. PC

1:00 JH Sully Buttes vs. PC 

East End Game Field 

10:00 JV PC vs. Phillip

10:40 JH PC vs. Phillip

11:20 JV PC vs. Mob/Pollock

12:00 JH PC vs. High/Harrold

12:40 JV Philip vs. Mob/Pollock

1:00 JH Philip vs. High/Harrold 

Parents' Night - Football October 12th in Hoven. 

Volleyball & Cross Country October 22nd in Getysburg

Congratulations to the Gettysburg High School All-State Chorus Quartet!  Soprano - Sasha Cordell, Tenor - Teigen Schuchhardt, Alto - Shaelyn Schatz, and Bass - Ethan PItlick 

School Picture Day is Monday, October 1st.  

The Gettysburg School District is looking for some potential actors and actresses from Grades K-8 to work with the Missoula Children's Theater on a production of Peter and Wendy.  The Missoula Children's Theater crew may be here the week of October 15th-20th.  More information in the office. If you are interested, sign up in the office ASAP.

Zoe Meinke and Ava Larson are part of the FCCLA chapter and they are organizing a penny war.  This penny war is for Middle School and Staff Members.  All the buckets are in Mrs. Saltsman's room.  The winning class or staff will receive a root beer float party! The proceeds of this fundraiser go to Zaidee Gunderson.  She has Cystic Fibrosis.  Zaidee is a close family friend of Zoe's.  

If you turn your FCCLA forms by Friday, you will receive a dirt cup.  Come to the FCCLA room when we are dismissed on Friday to receive your dirt cup

The following students need to pay their laptop insurance ASAP to the business office.  The fee is $25. 

Maddy Matson, and Nadyne Eckstrom.

Morning & Afternoon ICU is in Mr. Berglund this week.

Elementary Homework Detention is in Mrs. Dahlquist's room this week. 

FCCLA is holding a t-shirt design for the FCCLA chapter.  Turn your design idea to Neva Mikkelsen, Olivia Mikkelsen, or Kayden Cronin.  The deadline is September 21st. You can email designs or print them off.

The Gettysburg Preschool is holding a logo design contest!  The preschool is seeking submissions of original artwork to inspire a new logo.  Art should be done on a 8.5 x 11 sized paper and include your name, age, and a contact phone number.  Prizes will be awarded to the artist of the selected design.  The submission deadline is September 30th, 2018 and anyone in grades Pre-K - 12 are welcomed to submit their design. Drop off at the school office with Miss Johnson.

Concession Schedule: 

Thursday, September 20th - VB - Logan, Caitlin, Tanner, Avery, Paige. Supervision by Miss Fuerst

Saturday, September 22nd - Battler Tourney - 1st Shift - Sophomores 8:30 - Brayden, Rick, Osprey, Peyton, Bishop by Mrs. Goebel

Saturday, September 22nd - Battler Tourney - 2nd Shift - Seniors 12:00 - Peyton, Bishop, Autumn, Aaron, Mim. Supervision by Mr. Tuttle

Ticket Takers:

Thursday, September 20th - Mrs. Cathy Larson and Mrs. Saltsman

Saturday, September 22nd-Morning Miss Hartung, Miss Pederon Midday-Mrs. Goebel, Mrs. Nancy Smith

Leave Times:   

FB 9/21 Dismiss at 9:55, leave at 10:00

MS & JV FB - 9/22 8:45


Make-Up Slips Due By 4pm:

20th - Carter, Kennedy 

Announcements from the Counseling Office

Students wishing to be Jr. GIA members need to return your completed membership form to the office by this Friday, September 21st.

Grades  9-12:  If you are interested in being a member of Teens Against Tobacco Use, please let Mrs. Goebel by this Friday, Sept. 21.  Interested students may contact Mrs. Goebel in person or email.  


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